Bullying Prevention Month at Kentuck

Bullying Prevention Month at Kentuck
Posted on 10/04/2019

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Kentuck Elementary is having staff and students put their ideas and talents together this month to highlight our commitment to preventing bullying in our school.
  • KES students (classes and/or grade levels)  to decorate the halls, walls, doors, bulletin boards with Bully Prevention banners, posters, and messages.
  •  Anti-bullying messages will be displayed throughout the school building.
  • Classes, individual students, and staff will have pictures taken with bully prevention banners and decorations for PCS Website and KES yearbook.
  • Students to share individuals thoughts about "Bully Prevention" on morning announcements.
  • KES will design a "Bully Box":where students can submit information about potential bullying situations (to be kept in a designated location, accessible to all students). 
  • KES students to wear PCS Anti-Bullying wristbands 
  • Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services (DPCS) to provide Bully Prevention/Red Ribbon Week banners for displaying and materials with messages for the students.